Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Maintenance

The investment in getting a new (or perhaps old) self-loading concrete mixer is very considerable. You merely can let it rot away or get caught in disrepair just months after purchasing the machinery. On the contrary, your priority ought to be to improve its durability.

This article will consider the significance of maintaining a self-loading concrete mixer and the sorts of maintenance you need to conduct and also hardwearing . equipment in good working condition.

The Significance Of Maintaining Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

While every concrete mixer needs maintenance, a self-loading concrete mixer(venta autohormigonera) needs more focused care and maintenance. It has plenty more moving parts, which presents a higher amount of failure points.

For instance, it provides the mixing drum, the movable truck, the wheels, and several other areas. Obviously, if any part of this technique is not well-maintained, it could possibly fail, affecting the availability or productivity of your equipment.

With this thought, you need to maintain the equipment to:

-Boost the robustness of parts and lifetime of the equipment.

-Increase the efficiency of your machine.

The Kinds Of Maintenance Yourself-Loading Concrete Mixer Needs

#1. Daily Maintenance – Included in daily maintenance, you have to clean the concrete aggregator thoroughly. This really is to prevent the concrete from sticking and binding on the tank. The truth is, it is actually ideal to clean up the drum thorough after every use.

Aside from daily cleaning, you should replenish clean the coolant and lubrication system regularly. These maintenance tasks are made to minimize the opportunities breakdowns in the machinery and raise the reliability of the concrete mixer.

#2. Periodic Maintenance/General Maintenance – Periodic maintenance is the sort of maintenance made to help equipment users identify any emerging gremlins. The temperature and topographical conditions influence the period of periodic maintenance. With this in mind, when using the equipment in environments with extreme weather – cold or warm – you need to improve the frequency of regular maintenance.

In the maintenance, you must protect your equipment from jamming. Additionally, you ought to clean the lubrication system then lubricate every moving part of the system. Always be sure you are employing the right lubrication system.

#3. Technical Maintenance – Technical maintenance is planned maintenance and recommended through the manufacturer from the equipment. It really is scheduled at fixed intervals and was created to keep your equipment in good working order. This kind of maintenance requires the inspection of the parts and their function.

#4. Continuous Protection Against Overloading – As you employ the equipment, it is vital that you just continuously ensure you do not exceed the max load limit. Every self-loading concrete mixer carries a maximum capacity, that you simply should adhere to strictly. Exceeding the max limit risks breakdowns and decreasing the longevity in the equipment.


The utility of self-loading mixers for any construction company cannot be overstated enough. The device is a big productivity booster. Importantly, it really is a profitability driver for most equipment owners. As a result, it is crucial to keep the machinery in good working condition.

You need to ensure every part of the system is working efficiently and effectively. The kinds of maintenance discussed above bode well with keeping your equipment in good working condition.