Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Water Heaters

Taking a warm shower in the rainy season can definitely make your body relaxed and comfy. Having a water heater in your home bathroom ends up being vital to make you more practical without warm water initially.

What is a water heater?

A hot water heater is a water heater that is usually used to heat water in the bathroom. This hot water heater is a crucial requirement for those of you who like to take a bath with warm water. Especially if you like to take a warm bath every day. Prior to purchasing a hot water heater, initially, recognize the kinds of hot pemanas air mandi in Indonesia.

Types of hot water heater:

1. Gas water heater

Gas water heaters, as the name indicates, use gas as a heating source. This kind of water heater can warm a 50-gallon tank in less than an hour. This kind of water heater is likewise faster than an electric hot water heater.

Another advantage found in water and gas heaters is that there is no assurance of electrical energy so that they can still be utilized even if the power goes out. If you utilize a gas cylinder and the gas runs out, you have to change the gas cylinder to be able to utilize a gas water heater. If you excel at changing the regulator to the gas cylinder, then this is no longer a problem.

2. Solar Water Heater

This type of water heater utilizes energy from sunlight captured by solar cells on the roofing system of your house. Thermal energy from the sun will be converted into electrical power and can then be used to heat water in the house. The working concept is similar to an electric water heater, just the energy source is different. Electric water heaters use home electricity which usually comes from PLN, while solar hot water heater use the sun as a source of electrical power. Thermal energy is processed into electrical energy which is then used to heat up the air in the tank.

3. Electric water heater

An electric water heater or electric water heater is a water heater that uses electrical energy as the primary energy source to generate heat. This electricity is drawn from a house electrical energy source that is linked to a water heater. There are 2 types of electric hot water heater, specifically as follows:

Electric tankless water heater

Generally has irregular air temperature level. This has an effect when you shower for a long period of time so the water will cool quicker. This tankless water heater has a fairly less expensive cost when compared to a water heater that has a tank

Water heater with a tank.

Can have a more steady temperature level so it suffices to store warm water. That way, if you utilize a hot water heater with a tank, you can delight in hot air longer when showering because the heat is maintained. The cost of an electric water heater differs considerably, depending upon the type, size of the tank, and others. For those of you who have an interest in buying a hot water heater, you ought to first measure the advantages and drawbacks of the water heater.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Water Heaters

After understanding the kinds of hot water heater, naturally, it is necessary to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of electric hot water heater, gas water heaters, and solar water heaters You require to know the benefits and drawbacks of an electric water heater to get a concept before buying an electric water heater. Let’s see what are the benefits and disadvantages of a pemanas air mandi listrik below.

The benefits of electric hot water heater.

  1. Its usage is more practical than other kinds of water heating systems.
  2. Does not depend upon hot weather or cloudy weather.
  3. No need to trouble changing gas due to the fact that the energy source for this type of hot water heater is electrical energy.
  4. The heat of the water produced is more steady without disturbance.

Disadvantages of Electric Water Heaters

  1. Waste of electrical power since to keep the temperature of the hot water hot enough, the hot water heater will turn on to heat it with energy from electrical energy.
  2. The availability of warm water is quite limited, depending upon the water tank you utilize.

Those are the advantages and downsides of electric hot water heater. After knowing the advantages and downsides of an electric water heater, are you more thinking about buying it?