DeGOOGLE your Firefox

Breaking more chains with the "do no evil" tech giant

Firefox comes from a non profit but has Google as default search engine and some more Google connections in the default settings. If you'd like to DeGOOGLE some more, read on. Since years I was inspired by the Ghacks user.js for Firefox but found it too much hassle, however recently I got curious again and decided to go for this tweak on this neat website : Firefox Profilemaker home page If you go through the steps on this website you can save the prefs.js text content at the last step, and copy that text into a new file called user.js When you have that, copy the user.js file in your Firefox profile folder, and restart Firefox. Last but not least, change the default search engine in the Firefox settings from Google to DuckDuckGo, if you hadn't done that yet.

Happy web surfing !

Firefox Profilemaker home page

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Image source : "google-bj2008" by onion83 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0