Where can I set up an instant water heater?

If you are planning to move your system from a hot water tank to a water heating system, it may be time to think about where to place it in your home. The size and layout of your home, as well as its geographic location, are the most important aspects that affect the design. However, there are other factors that determine its effectiveness.

Geographical position

The easiest way to explain how geography affects the efficiency of your water heater is that they all work better in warmer climates because of the ambient temperature of the water. If you’re in a cold northern climate like Minnesota or New England, where it’s cold in winter, a tankless gas or electric tank will require more energy to bring the cold water that comes in to the correct hot water temperature. In southern climates, water starts at a higher temperature and requires less energy to be efficient. Every business has a geographic area map that will help you find the type of tankless heater you need.

Size and design of your home

If your house is small or you have a small condo, the only way to avoid this is with a centralized water heater. However, if your home is expanding with a bathroom at the opposite end of the house and a washer, dryer, and kitchen elsewhere, consider using smaller modules for each remote area.

Use of hot water

The amount of water you use also affects the type of instant water heater you need. A family of four or five people is not much different from a family of two if the size of the house is the same. However, if everyone uses water at the same time, it is quite possible not to use it well from just one tankless central gas boiler.

Availability of natural gas

Because of its cost, natural gas is more economical than electricity. However, due to the need for gas ventilation, there are some limitations when installing a hot water unit without a gas tank. This is a major safety concern and should only be installed by a licensed installer or technician from the gas company. If natural gas is not available in your area, liquefied propane will be an alternative.

In either case, installing an instant water heater requires more than a simple explanation to determine the most efficient and cost-effective use. Knowing a few details is not complicated and will save you a lot of money in the long run. Do as much research as possible before installing a water heater.