Where Can I Go To Talk About Otters Online?

Otters are a topic that have attracted increased public interest in recent decades. I am among those who are increasingly passionate about making sure they stay alive, united in this cause with others around the world who have the brightest intentions and display the deepest commitment to the cause of lutrine survival. Being able to network and communicate with those sharing your cause is vital in getting closer to achieving it.

The internet has opened a fast and easy way to communicate and share information with people around the world. It has revolutionized the way people can find each other along the lines of common ideas and interests. The implications for activism and community-building are clear: It’s a time of golden opportunity for all of those with new ideas.

Our first stop is otterspotter.de/forum, a German-language forum for the largest organisation dedicated to otters in the country. Its use is restricted to registered users.

Numerous otter-centric groups and communities exist on major platforms like Facebook and Reddit. The most prominent one is the 50 000 member strong “Otter Group” managed by the IUCN Otter Specialist Group. reddit.com/r/Otters is another big contestant with 92 000 members. In this case, too, unregistered users may be able to browse, but not participate in the discussion.

Other dedicated websites include fischotter.chat, an independently-run German forum and otterchan.net, an imageboard dedicated to sharing pictures and news. These are open to everyone without the need to register an account.

We’ve seen that a number of options exist for those who wish to further the cause of otter conservation. Your choice will depend on your language and your expectations of culture and customs of a place of discussion - each one is unique in its way of being.

It is encouraged to explore your options in terms of finding like-minded individuals.