Singapore's Leading Ten Taekwondo Mentors

Engaging in Taekwondo models could have surprising benefits. Other than the genuine up-sides that go with engaging in a functioning work, Taekwondo courses in like manner help you in the following ways:

  • Better fixation
  • Disciplined mindset and lifestyle
  • Diminish strain and pressure: Taekwondo upholds significant breathing and practicing proper breathing techniques
  • More vital certainty: Taekwondo, is an individual game where players have to think on their feet and rely on themselves

In this article, we will introduce you to the best Taekwondo Trainers in Singapore, including Taekwondo for young people in Singapore.

Singapore’s Leading Ten Taekwondo Mentors

1. Kickmatics Taekwondo

Since 2018, Kickmatics Taekwondo has had a gathering of tutors who are dedicated and have more than 10 years of neighborhood and international involvement in this field. They are driven by their focal objective of making a distinction in their students’ lives and delivering their reasonable in body and soul through the Taekwondo class Singapore. At whatever point interested, Kickmatics Taekwondo gives preliminary classes to you to get involved insight.


  • Adolescents (4-5 years old)
  • Tweens (6-12 years old) and Youths (13-17 years old)
  • Adults (at least 18)
  • Family Class

2. OP Academy

OP Academy doesn’t simply offer Taekwondo classes in Singapore for all ages but also material and sensible classes for self-protection and aggressive strategies. OP Academy changes and redoes each class to suit each student and they would have the option to apply definitively accurate things they learn in class, in this current reality.


  • Taekwondo for youths
  • Taekwondo for adults
  • Taekwondo for seniors
  • Krav Maga for youths
  • Krav Maga for adults
  • Krav Maga for seniors
  • Adults sort out some way to swim
  • Kids sort out some way to swim
  • Threat safe: Self-Protection for adolescents
  • Grown-up Self-Safeguarding
  • Senior Self-Safeguarding
  • Signature Self-Safeguarding Classes (Business Specialists)
  • Signature Protect Techniques Classes (Capable)

3. JEONG IN Taekwondo

At Jeong In Taekwondo, they combine traditional and present-day procedures for teaching taekwondo which are shown by Korean Taekwondo Specialists. They lead classes with a “Development Mindset”, to make inspiration, effectiveness and further develop associations.


  • Little children Class (4-6 years old)
  • Kids Class (7-12 years old)
  • Young people Class (13-17 years old)
  • Adults Class

4. Kyung Hee Taekwondo

Kyung Hee Taekwondo invests earnestly in their instructors’ continuously learning soul and they are under the bearing of their Grandmaster who is significantly qualified and experienced in this field. At every one of the 4 branches, you can guarantee that all of their instructors will convey a similar top score of teaching and training during Taekwondo classes. Additionally, at Kyung Hee Taekwondo, they acknowledge that there is no age cutoff for Taekwondo and urge children to join Taekwondo for children’s programs.


  • Children and Children
  • Young people and Adults

5. Taeseong Taekwondo

At Taeseong Taekwondo, besides the ordinary classes, they hold seminars reliably where they can gain from aces different learning points to better students’ abilities on the differing viewpoints. Their gathering of supervisors is competent and proficient in Taekwondo, especially in Poomsae and Kyorugi. Moreover, Taeseong Taekwondo is affiliated with the Singapore Taekwondo Association.


  • Tiny Children
  • JR Children
  • Kids
  • Dull Belt
  • Youths/Adults
  • Semiannual Poomsae Seminar
  • Poomsae Seminar
  • Sparring (Kyurogi) Seminar
  • Event program
  • Exchange program with Taeseong Taekwondo Korea

6. IL JIN Taekwondo

IL JIN Taekwondo has Taekwondo classes for children and all supervisors are more than qualified to ensure an astounding of models. This Taekwondo class in Singapore guarantees a nice experience and skill set to be achieved.


  • Junior Babies
  • Babies
  • Kids
  • Youths and Adults

7. ILDO Taekwondo

ILDO Taekwondo has Taekwondo classes as well as event seminars that similarly show skills in nunchucks, stick fighting, and essentially more. Next to the classes held by age pack, ILDO Taekwondo in like manner has advanced classes in perspective on belts, challenges individuals, and shows a bunch that outfits students with opportunities to attain a more significant understanding of Taekwondo and get more modified training.


  • Infinitesimal - Tiny
  • Kids - Young people
  • Adults and Family
  • Valuable stone

8. Johan Taekwondo Institute

Johan Taekwondo Institute is a true blue Korean Confrontational Strategies Institute, and this Taekwondo class in Singapore puts together its illustrations concerning these three characteristics, fixation, discipline, and health. Their 4 branches all over Singapore license students to take part in Taekwondo any spot is useful for them.


  • Young kid Class
  • Kids Class
  • Youngsters/Grown-up Class
  • Family Class
  • Challenge Gathering

9. KTMA Singapore Taekwondo Academy

KTMA (Korean Taekwondo Hand-to-High fighting) Singapore Taekwondo Academy addresses significant experts in teaching Taekwondo self-security techniques, Taekwondo sparring/Poomsae procedure, and Taekwondo showing strategies. Their guiding principle is according to the following: compassion, resistance, respect, and certainty which uphold the idea of their illustrations.


  • Tiny Children/Junior/Children Class
  • Sparring Class
  • Dim Belt Class
  • Self-protection/Against bullying (Event program)
  • Configuration/Sparring Contention

10. Induk Taekwondo

Induk Taekwondo has a program, Induk Supertots, that is open to children who are from the age of 2 ½ to 3 ½ years old, which helps them with developing their fine coordinated developments from this young age. Induk Taekwondo is for the most part popular in Singapore, Thailand, and Cambodia and they have a fair standing in these ASEAN countries.


  • Induk Supertots
  • Induk Small kids
  • Induk Kidz and Poom Club
  • Induk Adults
  • Off-site program

Partaking in any Taekwondo course of your choice to deal with your lifestyle and demeanor, these Taekwondo classes could meaningfully affect your way of dealing with regular daily existence and thinking to further develop things! If you are sharp, a critical number of the recently referenced Taekwondo courses offer family programs as well as Taekwondo for children, so look at Taekwondo, paying little mind to develop.