Boris Johnson ‘a Clown’ with no Diplomacy Skills, says Ex-deputy in Diaries

Ex-Foreign Office deputy PM mistakes regular headlines for political power

Sir Alan Duncan1 said the prime minister was “a clown, a self-centred ego, an embarrassing buffoon, with an untidy mind and sub-zero diplomatic judgement”.

He is an international stain on our reputation,” Duncan added, in diaries that have been serialised in the Daily Mail.

The diaries, made into a book titled The Thick of It, cover his final four years in parliament during Brexit and Johnson’s move to Downing Street. Duncan served on the Conservative frontbenches for 18 years and was a former minister for international development.

Duncan also wrote that Johnson needed publicity like a drug addict needs cocaine. He also told the Spectator in September that year that Johnson “needs a regular fix” of headlines and equates it with political power.

Duncan also claimed he had had a row with Johnson over a press report about diplomats treating him as an “international joke”.

Johnson is said to have asked:

“Why don’t they take me seriously?”

Duncan claims he replied:

“Look in the fucking mirror!”

Full story at The Guardian


Sir Alan Ducan was MP for Rutland and Melton from 1992 until the last election