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Tools - 5 -: Dateien automatisch sortieren mit Organize

Kann das nicht jemand anders tun? --> ja

VoidLinux: Updating customized and manually built packages locked to own repository

troubleshooting issues related to package update while it is locked to `master` repository

Tools - 3 -: Leerseiten entfernen

Weg mit unnötigem Ballast

Got GRUB to do what I need

setting up GRUB's timeout to 0 (zero)

Schritt 1: Der richtige Scanner fürs papierlose Büro

La gestion de mes sauvegardes

By xatazAugust 25, 2020XataZ

Kodi: Programa para ver contenido propio y en streaming a través de Add-ons

Probando instalación completa con addons y uso en linux - Si sabes algo dame una manita :)

Multipass sans ubuntu

Utiliser des images autres que ubuntu avec multipass

By xatazJune 22, 2020XataZ

How to install GalliumOS on a chromebook using Chrx

This is a repost of a guide I made on a different blogging platform when I only owned an ex-chromebook. It talks about how to install unlocked BIOS and install GalliumOS (a linux distro using xfce to make a chromeOS - like linux experience.))

By CMMMay 24, 2020CMM

Linux commands to run for fun

Some beginner tips

L'ange Podman

Présentation de l'outil podman en remplaçant de docker

By xatazApril 14, 2020XataZ

Cómo instalar TOR en linux

*a mí me sirvió en trisquel*