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Democracy in many places across the country is little more than word; an idea. In reality most of us don’t live in a democracy. Voting does not define a democracy.

The earth is on course for extinction of much of life on the planet.

The vast majority of the world’s news/media are owned by huge corporations who’s only goal – only reason for existence – it increasing each year. With a detrimental effect for 99% of humans on the planet.

While academic studies indicate that 50% or people will believe what they are told (think wealthy, elite corporate media/governments) what chance do 99% of us have?

Critical thinking* can return control of our lives – of the 99%. It’s discouraged in school, even at university level. You can begin thinking critically and work to get control of our lives back and perhaps even save most life on the planet.

*Critical thinking is the analysis of available facts, evidence, observations, and arguments in order to form a judgement by the application of rational, skeptical, and unbiased analyses and evaluation.

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