Firefox Tip: Improve Scrolling

how to get better scrolling using Firefox

Years ago one problem Firefox had, on some systems and hardware configuration, was a poor scrolling performance.

On my Antergos with Kde-Plasma desktop environment Firefox performs quite well with vertical scrolling (at least I didn't notice any lag or low speed or smoothness problem) , but the horizontal scrolling on websites that require larger horizontal space I had poor smoothness, lacking some speed.

Searching about this issues you get some old links to solve this problem.

I did not find any reference to my specific problem (horizontal scrolling) but going to


and setting


to 40 (default: 5) did the trick for my Firefox. You may play with this about:config options or set any different value to fit your needs.

This days I'm using kde plasma, but it's not a kde's specific problem, I got this same problem with gnome.

Hope this solves any scroll problem you may have 😉